Chad and Julie Ellingson Family
1905 County Rd. 81 - St. Anthony, ND 58566
701.445.7309 - 701.361.3606



Ellingson Regiment 6362 Ellingson Transcend 5212
Owned with Ressler Angus Owned with Spickler Ranch North
Ellingson Accelerate 5264 Ellingson Homegrown 6035
Owned with ST Genetics Owned with Mohnen Angus and Genex CRI
Ellingson Drover 6034 Ellingson Homestead 6030
Owned with Henderson Farms, Boettcher Angus and Universal Semen Sales Owned with ST Genetics
Koupal Advance 28 Ellingson Boardwalk 3032
Owned with Koupal Angus and Lindskov-Thiel Ranch Owned with Wright Cattle and Maher Ranch
Ellingson Real Business 5168 Ellingson Top Gun 5049
Owned with Carstens Farms Ltd. and Alta Genetics Owned with Diamond J Angus and Alta Genetics
Ellingson Icon 5062 S PowerPoint WS 5503
Owned with Diamond J Angus and Alta Genetics Owned with Spickler Ranch North and ST Genetics
Ellingson Regency 5030 Ellingson Roughrider 4202
Owned with Diamond J Angus and Alta Genetics Owned with Marohl’s Yellow Top Angus, Anvil Angus, Boettcher Angus, High Country Heifers
Ellingson Top Shelf 5050 Ellingson Stagecoach 4015
Owned with Hoffman Ranch, Boyd Beef Cattle, Trowbridge Angus, Vision Angus, Prairie View Angus, Lazy JB Angus, Buford Ranches, Ernie Wallace, Pipkin Angus, Strinthefer Angus and Semex Beef Inc. Owned with Carstens Farms Ltd., Diamond J Angus, Alta Genetics
Ellingson Chaps 4095 Boyd Authority 3100
Owned with Trowbridge Angus, Long Land and Cattle,
Chaps Associates LLC, and leased to ABS Global
Owned with Lindskov-Thiel Ranch, Boyd Beef Cattle, Semex Beef Inc.
CTS Remedy 1T01 Ellingson Starman 4157
Owned with The 1T01 Group and leased to Select Sires Owned with Alta Genetics
Ellingson Stetson Ellingson Scotsman 0010
Owned with Alta Genetics Owned with Carstens Farm and Select Sires
Ellingson Blackstar 4165 Ellingson Enterprise 3190
Owned with Alta Genetics Owned by Alta Genetics, Diamond J Angus
Ellingson Commanche 3119 Ellingson Ribeye 3195
Owned by Sprunk Angus, Brenner Angus, Hatfield Angus Owned with Brenner Angus, Hatfield Angus and Select Sires
Ellingson Plateau Ellingson Repuation 3023

Owned with Pro Cattle Company, Maher Ranch, Hudgins Angus and Genex CRI

Owned by Alta Genetics, Diamond J Angus
Ellingson Identity 9104 Benfield Substance 8506
Owned with Maher Ranch and Carstens Farms Ltd. Owned with Lindskov Thiel Ranch and Genex and Benfield Farm
Ellingson Secretary 2011 Ellingson Dominance 2079

Owned with Blue Ridge Cattle and Select Sires Owned with Genex, Carstens Farms, Sprunk Angus
Ellingson Spectacular 2144 Ellingson Guaranteed 0023

Owned with Maher Ranch Owned with Don Zimbleman
LT Bandwagon 3105 Sitz Dimension 8607
Owned with Shaw Cattle, Lindskov Thiel Ranch and Genex Owned with Sitz Angus, Mytty Angus,
Shaw Ranch and ABS Global
Tehama Blackcap Revolution Ellingson Versatile
Owned with Tehama Angus and Boyd Beef Owned with ST Genetics and Talkington Angus
Werner EA Motivation 2031  
Owned with Werner Angus and Genex CRI  

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